The Musician

A Love Affair With The Guitar

A Journeymans tale

Steve Waye, Guitarist and professional musician, I spent most of my life living in North West London, but moved into the countryside of Cambridgeshire around eight years ago, where I now continue my musical activities and teaching practice. I hold a London College of Music Teaching Diploma llcm(TD) and at one time was an examiner for the Registry of Guitar Tutors. 

I began playing the Guitar at age twelve and was playing in a band within months. After many semi-pro gigs I turned professional at seventeen and began touring the length and breadth of the UK. Many,many gigs and several bands later I signed my first record deal to a major label with my band Walrus. The album on which I played and composed most of the music was released world wide and is still available on Amazon. My next band Baj, also recorded and released more of my songs. I went on to release a solo single Queen of My Soul which kick started my solo career. I travelled extensively in the Uk and Europe playing solo gigs for some considerable time before adding teaching to my already crowded schedule.

Recently I have released for download an instrumental "A Moment in Time" as well as two more singles "World in a Tangle" (due for re-release soon) and "In  Flew the Blues"  all three have accompanying videos which you can check out  on this website. It is also, should you wish to, possible to purchase the tracks on this website plus new songs as well. Currently I am already recording a new, mostly instrumental collection of tunes for future release. All off my recent releases are  also available from CD baby and most download sites.